29 January 2021 - Architecture,Project Management

HP-Sant Cugat achieves the first LEED v4 GOLD certificate in Spain.

The new HP PRINTING & COMPUTING SOLUTIONS SLU building, intended for investigation in 3D printing products, is the first construction project in Span to achieve LEED v4 GOLD category certification in BD + C “Building Design and Construction typology “with a total score of 65 points.

The new laboratories hosted research and creation activity in breathing machines during COVID-19 health crisis.

EDETCO led the building design and the construction direction with the support of PROISOTEC and GBM MEP engineering. Thanks to good project management and the great involvement among all the agents of this multidisciplinary team, EDETCO accompliched the initial goal set by HP, obtaining the LEED GOLD international environmental certification.

Hewlett Packard’s concern in sustainability issues made possible for the EDETCO team to carry out complex and innovative strategies to reduce environmental impact both in the construction phase and lifespan of the building. The main strategies applied by HP are the reduction of water consumption, the analysis of the life cycle and the reduction of energy consumption.

Water consumption reduction: Deep analysis and utilization of natural filtrations and water runoff in the whole plot and the nearby stream. 100% reduction in irrigation water consumption and 50% reduction in internal water consumption.

Life cycle analysis: The analysis is focused on the construction phase of the building and the industrial processing, the use of different products and materials, and the building’s energetical behavior during its lifespan. The project achieves a 15% CO2 emission reduction compared to the initial prevision.

Energy consumption reduction: The photovoltaic pergola in the south façade (110KW) together with other strategies such as the use of natural light and optimization systems for ventilation and air conditioning contribute to a 27% reduction in electricity, 72 % in heating consumption and 40% in air conditioning.

In addition to the LEED v4 certification, EDETCO achieved credentials from other international labels: WELL and FITWELL (wellness and health), SITES (environmental development) and PASSIVHAUS.

Los nuevos laboratorios, que se pusieron en funcionamiento a finales del 2019, fueron la sede de una iniciativa conjunta entre varias empresas para la fabricación de respiradores con impresoras 3D destinados a centros sanitarios durante el pico de la crisis del Covid-19 .

The new laboratories, which got into operation at the end of 2019, hosted a joint venture between several companies to manufacture breathing machines via 3D printing intended for health centers during Covid-19 crisis.

Link to the project _ Hewlett Packard – B10 Building

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