We are a company resulting from the transformation and evolution over more than 35 years of a professional team which has built and gathered a large experience in Integral project management together with the design ans drafting of architecture, urbanization and urban projects.

Global perspective

Every project demands a balance between the different aspects which make it up during its entire life.


The project’s leadership requires total independency from its agents, prioritizing global objectives.


Customized and flexible treatment. Each project is a challenge and requests a particular and strategical approach.

The main attribute which draws a distinction on our organization’s human team is the strong commitment with every project and the aim of our company.

Our technicians are organized into small project teams, each of them led by a Project Lead with more than 15 years of experience in the sector and with the participation of two or more Project Technicians trained within the company.


Francesc Monells Descamps

CEO, Commercial Director, Project Lead and Head of the Barcelona office.

35 years in Edetco group companies.

Joan Vilà Basagañas

CEO, Financial Director, Project Lead and Head of the Girona office.

35 years in Edetco group companies.

Josep Maria Recarens Roura

Project Lead.

35 years in Edetco group companies.

Xavier Baró Puignau

Building Engineer. Project Lead, Technical Office Coordinator.

25 years in Edetco group companies.

Albert Pujol Reixach

Building Engineer, Project Lead.

20 years in Edetco group companies.

Marçal Calvet Mullor

Building Engineer, Project Manager.

Marc Garcia Basagaña

Building engineer, Project Manager.

Daniel Veenstra Martínez

Architect, Project Manager. BIM Manager.

Marta Collell Mundet

Architect, Project Lead.

Narcís Vilà Pujolar

Architect, Project Lead.

Michelangelo Mezzocolli

Architect, Project Lead.

Eva Llosa Brengaret

Head of the Administration Department.

Regular collaborators

Josep Massachs Banti (PROISOTEC)

MEP Engineer, specialising in electromechanical systems and Energy.

Marta Badenas (PROISOTEC)

MEP Engineer, specialising in fire prevention activities.

Javier Monte Collado

Architect, Structural calculation

Eduard Doce Goicoechea

Architect, Structural calculation.

Jordi Llàcer Macau

Architect. Project Lead.

Roser Vives de Delàs

Agricultural Engineer and Landscape Designer.

Patricia Pérez Rumpler

Landscape Designer.

Dr. Jordi Castellano Costa (GBM)

Specialist in environmental certification and sustainability

Helena García Bertrán (GBM)

Specialist in environmental certification and sustainability

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